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COVID - Killer of Brick-N-Mortar

If you have been reading my column,  you know that I have long been predicting the death of commercial R/E.  Why? the advancement of cell phones, internet, and zoom has CEO's awhare that there is little to no good reason for office space. As I have reported, the trend has been a rapid decline in the need for businesses to bear the cost of office space.  NOW, COVID has excellerated the decline in need of office space and perhaps has killed commercial property demand forever.

Let me be clear to the fact, COVID is simply the "straw that broke the camel's back" as they say. Commercial space has been declining due mostly to the internet. The increase is in internet sales for retail, autos, and even food purchases. Most honest professionals are now confessing to the death of the below traditional biz models.

DEAD - Business travel has been on the decline, too. Hotels that depend on revenue for business travelers have been hurting for several years. Resturants that don't offer outdoor seating or drive through service are dead. Traditional auto dealerships are dying, too

DEAD- Office Space, Retail Space, and Workout facilities, Hotels, and Movie Theaters.
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               What if, there is a company that could hire one person in every town, in every state in  America.  What if, each of these newly created 1,000's of jobs - each person can work remote. The only requirment for each of these 1,000 jobs is the person has a computer and internet access.
Opportunity Never Sleeps

USAflagSo, if you are still reading perhaps you think as I do that a company that could offer 1,ooo jobs is a good thing. The good news, I know of such a company named - Pinnekel. 

How is this possible? Pinnekel owns  state digital platforms.

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Rocky Stephens, CEO Pinnekel
Richard Smith, retired CEO, FELCOR Lodging
1621251820696  As a founder of a small business, I countinue to be taken back from
  people that don't return calls or even simply reply to an Email.

  Nothing can happen until we simply communicate. 


 If you simply would like to dream with me or get more information about our  digital platforms -including partnership opportunities,  you can contact: rocky@  - Together we can create jobs, NOW.

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Pinnekel is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment to all applicants, and employees. Pinnekel does not discriminate in access to its employment and activities, or with respect to hiring conditions of employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Pinnekel actively promotes diversity among employees.